Articles Worth Reading - Edition 9.1

PR Doesn’t Work Anymore

Article Explores:

  • Traditional PR failing to move the needle

  • Stories are getting pushed more - not products

  • How are small & midsize companies building awareness

Notable Content & Quotes:

  • Being your own influencer on instagram: posting her own outfits — mixing third party brands with in-house designs — almost daily, and offering both styling and business advice for entrepreneurs.

  • Build online personas and interact directly with your customers. The more truthful you are, the more you communicate, the more it resonates

  • Cultivate editor relationships

  • Consumers are exposed to new things several times a day. For that product to stick, the brand and publicist need to work together to come up with a legitimate reason for a consumer to pay attention. A new colourway is not news. No one cares.

  • A broader seeding strategy that is not solely focused on celebrities and influencers with mass audiences, but a range of names that help create a brand identity in the eyes of the consumer

  • Affiliate links via shopping-driven sites — such as The Strategist or Who What Wear — or influencers who make a believable argument that they really love what they are shilling.

Rental Services - Is There Enough Demand?

Article Explores:

  • Post Rent the Runway - start ups and large Retailers are entering the fray - is the demand there?

  • What are these companies using to attract their next customer

  • Rental allows the customer to be more adventurous in style

  • Importance of Brand offerings offered

Notable Content & Quotes:

  • Rental model is geared towards those that want a more varied wardrobe without the desire to invest in purchasing it.

  • Individuals find it “fun” posting on Instagram their favorite rental pieces

  • Ann Taylor, Express, American Eagle, Scotch & Soda and Urban Outfitters now offer rentals, with Banana Republic and Bloomingdale’s to launch their respective services soon.

  • Vs the one off gown or cocktail dress, now more than half of Rent the Runway revenues are generated by its monthly Unlimited subscription service.

  • Forrester retail analyst Sucharita Mulpuru believes Retailers think that so many people will sign up for the recurring billing that it will be a no-brainer,, but customer acquisition costs will be high, churn will be high, and it won’t be that successful.