Gloria Vanderbilt

Articles Worth Reading - Edition 6.1

Is There Hope for Wholesale?

Article Explores:

  • Role of wholesale sales as “complementary” to the distribution directive

  • Degree of importance of wholesale sales based on brand awareness, company size and distribution objectives

  • Struggles of the American Department Store today

Notable Content & Quotes:

“Most young brands can’t afford to spend enough on digital marketing to get the presence and competitiveness they need through their own channels,” said Julie Gilhart, a business consultant. “Wholesale can prove to be beneficial if added into their strategy in the initial stages of their business.”

“No matter what the size of the business, specific wholesale partnerships can help with brand positioning”. Lauren Sherman, Business of Fashion

“On the one hand, wholesale distribution can be a solution for brands that want to achieve wide distribution of their product without the capital requirements of operating their own stores,” said retail industry futurist Doug Stephens. “Yes, it provides a quick means of achieving volume, but brands are beginning to ask, ‘At what cost?’ Many are coming to the conclusion that their retail partners are letting them down and actually draining equity from their brands rather than enhancing it.”

“The thing is, the stores are going to be important,” Robert Burke, a retail consultant said. “But not important to the degree that you have to have one in every city in America.”

Top 10 Department Store Brands in Digital

Article Explores:

  • The top ten brands in Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Department Stores

  • Exclusive assortments and personalized experiences as key differentiators

Notable Content & Quotes

The Top Ten

Macy’s got high marks on its social media by offering beauty expert videos on YouTube

Nordstrom makes it easy to allow customers to easily access influencer-inspired outfits and collections

Importance of and ranking based on user reviews

Linking to Pinterest

Ease of omni-channel

Interactive features

The Storied & Tragic life of Gloria Vanderbilt 1924 – 2019