Articles Worth Reading - Edition 6.2

The Most Discussed ‘It’ Fashion Items for China’s Youth in 2018

Article Explores:

  • Top fashions with young Chinese consumers

  • Some of the hottest-selling items, categories, and brands in China from 2018

  • Behavioral differences between Chinese post-80s, -90s, and -00s luxury consumers

Notable Content & Quotes:

  • Ready-to-wear and bags were the most discussed categories

  • Fashion brand trends have shifted away from creating one-off items in bags and shoes and more towards the development of full categories.

  • Younger and older crowds showed significant differences in the type of items they preferred as well as their motivations for buying them.

  • What each generation of China’s consumer is looking for and what motivates them.

  • Some examples of how long an “IT” item was able to maintain its popularity.

Resale Web Traffic in May


Resale of your goods is not only good for the sustainability but it provides another glimpse into among other things the (1) demand for your brand in the resale market, (2) how quickly items are hitting the resale market, (3) prices being achieved. This also may represent another channel that you can utilize in selling through prior season goods.

Article Explores:

  • The growth of the resale market

  • What sites in May lead the way in the resale market

  • The site excelling the most in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Discusses what channels are contributing to traffic on resale sites

Notable Content & Quotes:

Leaders in Resale Traffic in May:

  1. at 659.1 million total visits.

  2. at 16.4 million total visits.

  3. at 3.98 million total visits.

  4. at 3.52 million total visits.

  5. at 2.62 million total visits.

  6. at 2.30 million total visits.

  7. at 1.91 million total visits.

  8. at 1.52 million total visits.

  9. at 1.34 million total visits.

  10. at 306,000 total visits.

Aside from SEO, e-mail marketing and social media were the next largest contributors to site traffic

New York Times Interviews Andrew Rosen as he departs Theory

New York Times

Article Explores:

  • How Andrew Rosen views the next generation of fashion

  • What he believes it will take to survive the changes in fashion

  • His thoughts on the American Department Store

Notable Content & Quotes:

  • “… and then came the transformation from department store business to direct to consumer. That meant the brands, although important, had to take a back seat to the consumer, who now has the most power in the relationship, and is dictating the brands she or he wants.”

  • “Today there are multiple methods of distribution to reach the customer, which means the marketing aspects of the job have become incredibly important, incredibly scientific, incredibly necessary.”

  • “And consumers are getting messages globally. So companies have to develop direct-to-consumer capabilities, and they also have to develop international capabilities because without an international capability they can’t survive either.”

The State of Fashion 2019

Article Explores:

  • Collaboration between Business of Fashion and McKinsey & Co. exploring state of fashion

  • Impact of Global Economy

  • Consumer shifts taking place

  • Changes in the Fashion System

  • Views from the “rental world” through an interview with Jennifer Hyman, Co-Founder and CEO of Rent the Runway.

Notable Content & Quotes:

“Greater China is expected to overtake the US as the largest fashion market in the world during 2019”

“Much of emerging Europe will continue to see strong spending growth with more global players entering these markets.”

“Executives describe 2018 with the words “changing”, “digital”, “fast”"

Volatility, uncertainty and shifts in the global economy is still foreseen as the industry’s #1 challenge